busy in a nice way

I'm a little stressy over here, even though things are really under control. A bunch of self-inflicted fun-time deadlines are all descending on me in the next few weeks. Lucky for me Stella is in Spanish camp one more week and Oliver likes to hang out with me when I'm working on things. Here's what I'm up to.

Mas huevos.

Last Thursday I had a meeting with Giselle, the owner of the nearby (and fantastic) boutique and art gallery Rare Device. This was my first foray into the retail world. We met to discuss my holiday cards (see here), and I'm happy to say she has ordered a few dozen for the holiday season. While I was there I mentioned my egg piñatas. She ended up ordering a dozen of them, which will be part of the July window display. So EGG-citing! I am actually shooting to bring her two dozen to really make an impact in the display, as they are so small, but we'll see how far I get by the end of the month.

Kitchen workshop.

The artists who sell their work and wares at Rare Device are varied and so talented, I have to say I actually feel honored that Giselle will be selling my cards and eggs there. Giselle is also the one who gave me the donut pans that have led to these projects, so I am extra thankful to have met her!

Along with the eggs, I'm working on resurrecting my burlesque flamenco act from last summer. I'm renting a studio tomorrow to rehearse, as the act has a footwork section that I really need to bone up on. So in the morning I'll be pulling all the parts of my costume down off of my "wall of burlesque", shoving them in a bag, and taking the bus downtown to work on the act. I have some retooling ideas, but probably not enough time to implement them, as the show is NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT! I'm eager to perform this act again, it's definitely one of my best ones. The thing I'm most nervous about is my hair. I've lost control of it recently and am not sure what I'll do with it, so I've enlisted help.

A small corner of the "wall of burlesque".

Massive checklist, probably TMI.

Finally, on top of piñata production and performance preparation, I signed up to do my first sponsored post. I did it because it looked like fun, and it has been. But the theme is "fresh summer looks", and because my face is not the freshest you'll lay eyes on I've had to get creative with how I'm going to present my ideas. I've also taken a gazillion photos of myself. Which led to a really depressing weekend. Direct correlation.

 A toxic idea.

One of hundreds and hundreds of baggy-eyed photos I took. This one is definitely a blooper.

The sponsored beauty post (which was offered by Clever Girls Collective) is also due next Tuesday, the same day as my performance. So I've got my hands full. But like I said, it's a nice kind of busy. I'm really lucky right now.


  1. You do sound busy! The thing that really kills me is my weekly freelance deadline and I signed on for 6 more months (so hard to turn the money away)!

    Love your burlesque wall and dripping paint. Congrats about selling your wares and will definitely stop back next Thursday!!!

    1. Thanks, Ann! I'm just enjoying it while I can, I'm looking to start working on little jobs in the fall if I can find some, so gotta get all this done now. :)

  2. seriously proud of you living the dream, girl-crush-tea-party-wise. xo


    1. Thank you, BWP! It doesn't hurt that RD is two blocks away so it seemed so easy to make an appointment and stroll on in. Let's see what happens when I start taking architecture projects again. I hope the rest doesn't fall off too much. xoxo

  3. Those eggs look sweet! I feel ya on the to do list. I'm currently checking things off a double sided list. I think it's piling up faster than I'm checking them off. Dang day jobs :)

    1. Thank you, K! That "to do" list was just a giant list of stuff to bring for my one act! I'm always the one that brings the most stuff to a show, because you gotta be prepared!

  4. Congratulations on your egg piniata success! They really are cute and will look great in the window. Good luck with your upcoming show, and have fun with it! ole.


    1. Thank you, Loulou! I'll be sure to post a followup....I rehearsed for two hours today and it was SO fun! :)


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