round up: easing into easy

 It's on. Breakfast with the little man at Tartine.



A couple of long dance studio rentals rehearsing for this act made me feel really
good, no matter what.

 Blissful mornings. The Tintin/Titanic obsessions rage on.

Other uses for couch.


 First homemade pizza night in almost a year.

I have an idea that I just can't execute on paper (this is SO far from it), but if
I did, I think could be really beautiful. I'll try again.

Target practice.

 Late night piñata egg stuffing. I've been listening to some podcasts that aren't
really keeping my attention. Anyone have suggestions?

 Love fest at Cafe Bunn Mi. Let's hope it lasts all summer. By the way, this place is great.

Dueling laptops. David is working on something right now harder than I've ever seen
him work before. I'm picking up the pieces around it and I don't mind one bit. It's
really awesome to see someone be so inspired!


  1. Just had to look at that pizza again. YUM! Inspired to make some pizzas tomorrow night. :)

    1. I'm sure you will make some amazing ones, my friend! How about on the giant grill? I've never done that but always wanted to! xoxo

  2. That couch fits perfect in that nook! Love the lined up cars - my daughter used to do that. Piza looks so good!

    1. I know, every time we move it out we put it right back in. It's my favorite place to nap!


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