round up: keep it simple

We're sliding into the last month of the school year. Not a lot going on, no night classes or meetings this past week. Or date nights, parties, performances, or occasions to drink for that matter, excepting for champagne in bed during Mad Men on Sunday night, which is why we are actively looking for a champagne bucket for the bedroom. Not joking!

We took a train ride on Monday to meet David for lunch, but besides that, we have been home most of the week. Feels good, keeping it simple, while we can!

 Ranunculus season lasts another five weeks, give or take. Get them while they're priced so nicely.

Currently invading the living room.

 Also currently invading the living room.

 Bean tacos with avocado and queso fresco. So fast and good.

Ingredients for a fool proof warm weather dinner dish, coconut-lime chicken with cabbage-mango slaw

 What time our train left the station.

Laying around at the playground.

Containers from Verde SF with her homegrown succulents. Dirt cheap and very cute.

A SMALL excerpt from Stella's school's art show this past weekend. Stella made the lemur-y
animal near the left bottom corner. The show was rainforest themed and just so fantastic.

Cold weather entertainment.

Photo Booth shot after a rainy walk home from dropping Stella at school. We saw Hugo this past weekend and I'm now trying to cultivate some finger wave action for this haircut, but the rain ruined that day's efforts.


  1. Hippos, elephants, teepees and tacos? When can I move in?

    I love the shot of the San Fran train :-)

  2. Great photos! Love Stella's art - amazing, so much detail and colors! Great idea about champagne in bed for Mad Men, we like that show too!

    1. Thank you! We have an amazing art teacher at her school...amazing arts program overall. Totally paid for by the PTA's efforts. Did you know CA schools generally don't get extra art, music, etc. unless they raise the funds themselves? It's no joke! East Coast schools are so gorgeous and well appointed and equipped. A friend recently toured some schools for their move to NJ and I was completely blown away at how nice they were.


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