eggs 'n' excess

Some things we've been fortunate to eat over the last week. A week of delicious excess.

 Fried eggs over asparagus and mushrooms over toast at Outerlands.

Oliver joined us on our breakfast date.

Lobster roll (and oysters and fried clams) at Woodhouse Fish Company with my
friends Beth and Marie to celebrate Beth's birthday.

I trussed it up before I left for dinner that night. We were
headed to a karaoke bar in the Castro after dinner.

So very hard to get a focused photograph of people dancing in a
bar. Beth and Marie singing "On The Radio". Smiles.

 Happy hour at the wine bar over on the corner. A different
view of the nearby gas station across the way.

Incredible salumi plate at Ragazza, followed by a pizza puttanesca with fried egg.

"Eggie" sandwich at our local coffee shop.

Next up, home cooking and juicing. I'm in need of a little maintenance after all of this fun. You'd think I would've tried that BEFORE my nearly nude performance coming up TONIGHT in our water ballet act at the Tease-O-Rama opening event, but no, that's not how I roll!


  1. Oh gawd, now I'm so hungry. I'm a breakfast gal but right now it's 8 pm and this chronic reflux chica is not allowed any more food this late at night. You look so beautiful in that red dress! Love the hair too.

    1. Sad for reflux, glad you're not eating at night, it's not good for us anyway! This weekend I was so inspired by all these egg dishes that I roasted a huge tray of root vegetables, seared some asparagus, and popped poached eggs on top. Soooo good! I feel like I've posted more about eggs in one form or another on this blog in the last month than anything else I've written all year! Thanks for the compliments, Tania. You are too sweet.


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