a really "cheep" little project

Oliver and I are kicking around today, folding laundry and waiting for the dishwasher repairman. I barely slept last night for some reason, and need to reserve my energy for a performance and a few late nights later this week, so this is fine.

I got to try something I've been wanting to do recently, a little decal job with some one-cent American Kerstrel (bird) stamps and a small cardboard birdhouse we bought at an art supply shop for ninety-nine cents, bringing the total cost to $1.47, plus tax. Except that the stamps cost $8.50 off of eBay, including shipping, and I used the entire sheet, so it really turned out to be a $9.49 job. And of course, only after I was done did it dawn on me those stamps might be worth even more one day, had I not stuck them to a cardboard birdhouse. 

It does make a cute little ornament. I'll have to try with one of my favorite (but not one-cent) stamps, the holiday evergreen series. That would be really pretty.

 Bare birdhouse.

Some supplies. I was going to do a bird egg, too, but I ran out of
American Kerstrel stamps working on the birdhouse.
I'll try again some other time.

Now, the birdhouse. I tiled that roof like a roofer, thinking all the while about how I'd want my roof shingled. Fact: I am an EXPERT WATERPROOFER. Ask somebody.

Etc. etc. etc., and here we are. Final touch was cutting out the door. I have an aunt who I think is really into birds. I feel like sending it to her. It makes me think, what else can I do with stamps? I love the repetitive graphic, which is why this sheet of stamps has been hanging on our living room wall for years. Fun!


  1. This is so lovely!!! I admire your creative way of thinking! By the way, thank you very much for reminding me that stamps are still alive... I must visit the post office this week to check...

    1. You are so sweet, Gulcin! Stamps are so fun. Great for collaging, and they come with their own adhesive! :)


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