two valentine's day donuts

I've got just a few Valentine's Day tricks up my sleeve this year, but until they are ready I give you two throwback Valentine's Day donut pan ideas. Remember these?

I had some trouble at first, but I finally found the right recipe and was able to make these awesome giant candy necklaces. I still have several hanging around here, because for better or worse, they don't go bad! 

And then there's this one.

Call them meta, call them too much, just make sure you try one. I cubed up several different grocery store donuts and converted them into bread pudding donuts. I have to admit, that's pretty clever! They were phenomenal, of course.

Have a great weekend, folks! I'll be spending part of my weekend alone, my birthday gift from my family. Looking forward to some major productivity! xoxo


  1. Have fun Tiffanie! :)

    The bread pudding donuts look AMAZING! *nom*

    1. Hi LT! Miss you! Happy Valentine's Day, if they have it where you are! <3


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