round up: christmas passed

Christmas has finally passed. We had a wonderful holiday, as always. My mother was here for almost two weeks which gave David and I time to have several date nights, hooray! It was so nice to have her here. You folks who live near your relatives, consider yourselves lucky!

All of us were sick at some point during the winter break and there was a little cabin fever going on at the end, but mostly we stayed around the homestead like we love to do, cooked a lot of food and had a wonderful time. And did a lot of playing.

 Salt dough.

 Walking home after the last school day of the year, nothing better!

 Pine cones on the best tree we've ever had, placed in a new location that we loved.

 My ornaments sold pretty well during the holidays, and were featured on Daily Candy.

 A sweet card from David.

Post Christmas snuggles.

My mock-vintage bulb reflectors really work, by the way!

 We all camped out in Stella's room again.

 Some of the sweetest things we gave Stella. MIKODESIGN Frida doll set here. Tiny postal set here.

 Some of the best things I received. Amazing Cathy Callahan tassel bracelets from David and the Lego Architecture Studio set I wanted from my mother. I must've been good this year.

Santa brought a giant hotel for Stella. He probably didn't realize it takes a day of work to build.

David and I worked through our colds with a lot of ginger and rye. It became a thing to serve it over ice donuts. I had two commissions to finish up over the holidays, which was a little tough. Last one goes
out today, yay!

Right before the end.

I'm feeling so fortunate these days in so many ways and am excited for the new year, but I am truly sad the holidays are over. They went by way too quick this year. I'm not into Christmas starting November 1st, which is definitely the status quo, but I do believe in stretching it out as far into January as feels natural. We just took our tree out to the street yesterday, super-ceremoniously, of course.

This entire holiday season I was so melancholic for snow. I miss it so much, and envy all my friends and family back on the East Coast, polar vortex or not. I hope you are staying warm and are enjoying a good start to the new year. Have a great weekend!


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