round up: just the usual

A skull I made resting atop his and hers interlocking petrified wood slices from Utah.

Just the usual. Snapping some shots around the house. I do leave once in a while, I swear, but I'm a little overwhelmed with things I need to do right now so I've been spending a lot of time here. None of it spent cleaning unfortunately.

Lunch a la Oliver.

Our small opaque white Heath collection.

And a small portion of my beloved Fire-King collection.

Paper fuschia trial and error.

Both Stella and Oliver spent most of their time at the Grand Canyon this summer chasing the squirrels
instead of enjoying the view. I got them these inexpensive squirrel pillows from H & M Home. 

They were actually so inexpensive that I finally got duvet covers and the like for everyone. Animals everywhere!

I am a sucker for stamps. My absolute favorite are the USPS pine cone and pine needle stamps
that came out last year (not pictured). Have you ever seen the stamp covered bird house I made? 

I almost never photograph Stella's room anymore. Here's why.

And here's the best part of Stella having a pet snake: this cool museum looking cage.

I love seeing which tchotchkes Stella likes to display around her room. Here's a mushroom from Tin Tin, a Terra Cotta Warrior from one of David's trips, a camera she made in preschool from wood and bottle caps, a pooping chicken, a fan my friend Liza brought me from Spain long ago.

Have you ever checked out Stella's room in its more pristine state? You can see how it looked when we first pulled her room together here. It was so clean for a minute!


  1. i am in love with your heath collection.
    ours is even more tiny.

    1. We used to hit up the factory sale in Sausalito every year, but it's gotten crazy so now I just get a piece every year or so. One day I want to be eating all my meals off of it! xoxo


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