the new juju

Here's my answer to the high cost of the gorgeous feather juju hat wall hangings I have been seeing all over the place for the past few years. I noticed them first on SF Girl by Bay, and if you search for them on Pinterest you will see just how popular (and pretty) they are. I really wanted one myself, but this summer when I started thinking about making these chrysanthemums I realized they would be a great juju substitute. These started out as piñatas like their peony cousins, but they evolved, and I hope they keep evolving!

I'm really excited because I've just been asked by a major online home decor site (One Kings Lane) to be part of their artisanal sale site in mid-October. I don't have much inventory for them yet, but I am going to go for it and crank a few more out as soon as I'm done with a commission I'm working on. I may not be winning any American Made awards this year, but that's how they found me, so I'm happy I participated!

This one is actually headed to Maine as a table top decoration at a bar mitzvah.

The above items and all of my piñatas are currently available through my Etsy shop, papel SF. They are made-to-order at the moment, but I hope to get my inventory up over the following weeks.


  1. Beautiful and congratulations on the new gig! I hope the rose mum survives the bar mitzvah and makes it home to be hung as a reminder of the special day.

    1. Thanks, Ann! I put plenty of grommet holes in the back so they can hang it afterwards! :)


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