Tonight I'm blowing it all out and doing three acts in one show! I can't wait. It's the Art History show. There's a new act I'm doing that I am so, so excited about. If you can, you should come. The Art History show is one of the best of the year. I have people coming from far and wide tonight which makes it really special for me. It is always so much better with friends and loved ones in the audience. Info is here, see you there? 


  1. Oh man, I SO wish I could be there... the Art History show, wow. Hopefully I'll make it out one of the days. Have a super fun show, Tiffanie!! xo S.

    1. Oh, it was a really, REALLY good show, S! I wish you could've been there, too! Another lovely friend I met here came all the way from Petaluma with a gang of friends for the show, which was wonderful. Actually there were three separate people there that I met through this here blog! Isn't that wild? I will write up a Showtime post about it soon. :)

  2. Yes, that certainly is wild! Glad to hear it was a great show - looking forward to reading your write up!


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