home again

We're back from our 3,100+ mile road trip through the desert Southwest! One car, two kids, a trunk stuffed to the gills with camping gear we never used, and the open road. David did all the driving and pack-muling, the kids were SO patient, the weather behaved due to scattered rains, and it was epic. 

I've never been on vacation that long. I've been on much longer trips, but I've never just checked out like that (and it was only 15 days). It was fantastic! I have to brag about Stella and Oliver. Some days we were seven or eight hours in the car. No electronics, no books because Stella gets car sick. Just knick knacks, souvenirs and music to keep them entertained. They are fucking champs.

We stayed in some wacky places (the living ghost town of Austin, NV for starters) and ate some terrible food where there were just no options. It was such an adventure. 

I want to share our route from here to there (Santa Fe, NM) and back again and all the fun things we found. But today we rest and eat vegetables! Vacation "slides" to come.

I decided to make my Instagram account public while we were out. There are a lot of fun photos there. Instagram is fun! I think I'm liking it better than Facebook right now. I'm "sfcornerblog" if you want to check them out.

Happy Monday! Let's get back to work! :)


  1. Welcome back! Now, we need to set up that date for drinks, lady!

  2. I checked out your instgram and I'm so excited to see you went to Bandelier! It's one of my favorite parks!

    1. Are you in that area, Kiersten? I have been there several times over the years. The big cave dwellings are now closed due to a kiva collapse, which happened the same year as a big fire a few years back. Still an amazing place, regardless. :)

  3. I actually live in Michigan but a friend of mine was a park ranger there for a while. There was definitely a lot of damage from that fire but it is an amazing place. I love the archaeological aspect of the park, but also all the different kinds of vegetation. You can see so many different things in that area!


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