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Oliver, Austin, NV.

Happy hour, Santa Fe, NM.

Bathroom basket weave, Santa Fe, NM.

Stella, Austin, NV.

In-room breakfast (and map), Santa Fe, NM.

Selfie, Austin, NV.

The only guests at a hidden retreat center, Baker, NV.

Tropic, Utah.

Nightfall, Sante Fe. Repeat times six.

Adjoining bedrooms, detached bath, Austin, NV.

Road weary and heading home.

We stayed in eight different hotels and motor lodges during our fifteen days on the road. Some were awesome, some were weird, some were charming, some were downright depressing. The most antiseptic ones were the saddest to us, and luckily we only came across two of those.

The feeling of padding my nest is still fresh on me as I look at these photos. Like when you arrive at a new place and first make sure it is clean, then if it has light, and then maybe you find out it offers a whole lot more than that. Then you unpack the car and scatter a few things about. A pool, the kids forcing you to swim. Maybe you fall in love with your room and rush out to see if you can get a second night there and start arranging your rock collection on an end table and tuck all your road snacks in next to the mini fridge. 

Every day of our trip David or I made sure we saw something GOOD. Underground caves, national monuments, incredible canyons and bizarre museums. We will remember all of that, undoubtably. But I am glad I took the time to shoot some of our temporary homes along the way, because I think a lot of the memories of our road trip will lie in them.


  1. Lovely post Tiffanie, both fotos and comments. These little nuances of life on the road are very poignant - and beautiful. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more! Welcome home. xox

    1. Thank you, Sonya. Something funny happened on the trip....I read a book! I never, EVER make time to read, but I did on this trip. It was Gone Girl, and it was great, and it showed me another way to write. I had just recently read a quote that said something like "If you can't make time tobread you shouldn't make time to write". I get that now!

      Much more on the vacation coming soon! xoxo

  2. Hmmm, Tiffanie that's very interesting and also wonderful the whole thing about the relationship between reading and writing. And also that you made time to read a book. Gives me things to think about. Oh good, can't wait for more about your road trip!


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