small business saturday


This is most of the new batch of egg piñatas I delivered Wednesday to Rare Device. I have started using a variety of lovely crepe papers that I can order directly from Carte Fini and my new find, the other-worldly Castle in the Air. These recent eggs feature an amazingly hued, two-sided crepe called doublette, a thin and strangely colored metallic crepe called noblesse, and the heavy thick florist crepe I've been working with for a while (like I used here). You can read about these crepe papers and more here, if you'd like.

 •pine cone•

•candy striped•

I wanted to go all metallic and shiny and white for the holidays, but some of the metallic papers aren't easy to work with when it comes to standard Elmer's Glue and an eggshell, so I switched directions and went a little woodland with some of them. I have a few in my Etsy shop right now. I have yet to sell any eggs out of the Etsy shop yet! Luckily the are doing well at Rare Device since they started stocking them in June. I think you need to be able to touch them and see them in person to really get what they are.

•white and cream layered winter goose egg in hand for scale•

•trio of blue-to-silver gradated eggs•

•white and cream layered chicken egg•

•golden tree shape•

The reason I worked my fingers to the bone and pulled some late, late nights over the last week was to get the eggs in on time for Small Business Saturday, which is tomorrow, November 24th. Rare Device is hosting an opening for a new pop-up shop within the store, and it is a day I hope a lot of people around here think about supporting fantastic local businesses like Rare Device that carry so many wonderful things from local artists. San Francisco is FULL of opportunities like this, as is Etsy. So much quality, local, handmade wonderfulness out there. Sometimes you just need a reminder to go find it!


  1. Love these Tiff! I'll need to look up rare device too. I choose to spend most of my holiday budgets at local business, primarily for items handmade in Hawaii.

    My fav of the above is the white & silver. Do you have an etsy shop too?

    1. Thank you, Tania! I am headed to a few awesome art/craft fairs over the next week with an allowance for Christmas shopping, can't wait. I wanted to sell the eggs at one of them but wasn't accepted as a vendor, which is sort of a relief because I would be dead of exhaustion if I had to fill a booth with tiny piñatas.

      I do have an Etsy shop, the link is up above. :)

    2. I don't know how I missed that! Thanks! I'm headed to two craft fairs this Sat too.

  2. The blue and silver and the white and gold are both beautifully made. These are so unique, they must be really popular. It is definitely the retail season to move them ad fairs are a great idea.

    1. Thank you very much, Maureen! They get "favorited" a lot on Etsy, but like I mentioned, people only buy them from the shop, no one has purchased one from me online. Strange!


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