bread box

Two wonderful things I haven't been able to find on a grocery shelf out here arrived at our doorstep the Friday after Thanksgiving, sent to us by my sweet, sweet Aunt Kate all the way from New Hampshire. What a surprise! Real Vermont maple syrup (it's all Canadian, even in the nicest of shops in our neighborhood) and this super-thin bread that I LOVE! My grandmother made us cinnamon toast and sandwich after crustless sandwich on this stuff, and her wonderful melba toast, too. We ate the first loaf in a day, I'm afraid to open the second loaf.

Random surprise packages are such a joy, right? My friend Erika sent me a box full of vintage aprons last year and it was such a treat. My mother does this sort of thing for the kids every now and again, and the happiness far outweighs whatever is in the box or the postage.

My aunt was certainly inspired sending this package. Wonderful food memories of this summer in her barn and of my grandmother G.G., who I adored and whose food I adored as well. I had visceral feelings by just laying eyes on the bread wrappers. It made me ask myself what kind of food memories our kids are collecting right now, what I am feeding them that they love or that smells really good and that they see on a regular basis? I am afraid our warmest food memories are made mostly of sugar. That's food for thought, for sure.


  1. Interesting how are memories can be wrapped up in food isn't it? Surprise packages are so wonderful and something I should do more often if only Canadian postage weren't so very much!

    Enjoy! :D

    1. I bet there are a lot of things you miss when you're up in Canada, far away from Brasil! Thanks, LT!

  2. Tiffanie, this is my first peek at your blog. I saw Kate's fb page this morning with your thank you and was thoroughly charmed by your blog. I heard about your visit last summer from Kate. She was, in turn, thoroughly charmed by you and your family. My sister-in-law, Madeline, sells her jewelry through Etsy and as she and my brother are now living on their sailboat in the Caribbean, I have become the shipping department. She is Sweet Maddie's on Etsy. I'll continue to check in with your blog.....there is probably a place to join? You are obviously VERY creative....I'm going to enjoy more of your posts. Keep 'em coming! BTW, your children are beautiful....but Kate had already told me how beautiful they are and that they are terrific people too.
    Warmly, Cindy Barnard (Matt's mama)

    1. Oh my goodness! "Mrs. Barnard"! I am so thrilled to hear from you, what an excellent surprise this morning! I am so happy to hear Aunt Kate spoke so highly of us, she is too kind.

      YOUR family is amazing! Those four granddaughters of yours are absolutely stunning, every one of them! Whenever Matt posts photos on facebook I get a tinge of jealousy, because of his amazing New England life and his gorgeous family.

      I will check out Sweet Maddie's this morning. If you'd like to follow on facebook, there is a page for the blog where I post my blog entries 3-5 days a week.

      Thank you again for your note! Really great to hear from you. Have a wonderful holiday, give my love to all! xoxo


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