six christmas donuts

I've been preparing for our show tonight at Elbo Room in San Francisco, making some new costume elements because I might've outgrown my old ones. SO, I am behind on my donuts. I thought I would share these six donut pan ideas from last year that are perfect for Christmastime. I have the ingredients for two more holiday donut projects sitting on the counter right now that I am dying to get to. HOPEFULLY I will get around to them. I wait all year to do the Christmas themed ones!

Some of these happen to be my favorite donuts to make. I made so many batches of donut marshmallows and peppermint bark rings last December that by the end I didn't need to look at my recipe anymore! People really enjoy donut-shaped treats, believe me! Speaking of the peppermint bark rings, I noticed they turned up recently on BARK YEAH!, a crazy long archiving of all things peppermint bark, brought to you by William Sonoma. So, yay!

Here are the six ideas. Merry donut-ing!

These are my number one favorite donut pan idea I've ever come up with. Made from real cacao beans and just a few other ingredients, they are muy authentico, and the donut form is so practical. Set in the bottom of a pan with milk, the hole in the donut stabilizes the whisk so you can froth away.

Send any (short) message you'd like with pasta letters set in these salt dough donuts. Embellish with baker's twine or ribbon, or even cover in greens to make mini-wreaths. Lovely gifts or favors!

I mailed these babies all over the country last year. They are fabulous. I am sure there are not very many peppermint bark recipe variations out there, but feel free to use yours as I'm sure it would taste just as good in donut form!

On my quest to produce 101 donut pan ideas, I try to look at every aspect of the pan in a practical way. Here I used the backside of the pans to print large repetitious circle patterns, which I then turned into wreaths and snowflakes with a little extra potato printing.

These are awesome. You need to work fast while you're piping them into the pans because the marshmallow sets up quickly. But I will tell you, it's rewarding to make your own marshmallows. Truly!

I took my favorite ribbon cookie recipe and adapted it for these wreaths. You can leave them as whole wreaths, or slice them and arrange into pinwheels before baking. This recipe requires the dough to sit in the freezer first, so the pans work great for that. 

Hopefully I'll have a new donut post for you next week. Number 60! FIVE DOZEN! I mark each completed dozen with a donut pan (& goodies) giveaway, so stay tuned!

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