diy mock-vintage floral bulb reflectors

I am SO excited to share my third project as Carte Fini's featured artist. In October it was giant dahlia headpieces. November was the woodland egg ornaments that launched a thousand ships. And for December, I bring you mock-vintage floral bulb reflectors. They are perfect for your tree or mantle, or just up on a string of lights you might have hanging in your kitchen like I do. They were inspired by an article on vintage reflectors in the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living. Carte Fini carries about a dozen jewel-toned metallic papers and I have always wanted to use them for something with a vintage feel, so there you go!

Click on the link below for the full DIY tutorial, which is overladen with shiny, colorful photos because I had such a hard time choosing between them all. This is a fairly simple project with great returns, so I hope you give it a try!

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