showtime: art history part deux, elbo room, july 9, 2013

Keeping the burlesque thing going this week, I guess! This time last month I was lucky to be able to perform three acts in Bombshell Betty's art history themed show. This is the show that I initially developed my Frida Kahlo act for back in October of 2011 (see here) and I am always happy to perform it again. That said, I am seriously thinking of retiring the act as I know there are other people who perform in the same circles that I do who are really wanting to explore performing burlesque as Frida. It just seems fair, so maybe I'll take it for one last spin somewhere and then let it go.

Pre-show shot with Penny Chianti, Spun Honey, Sonora Sway and Boysenberry Cupcake (seated). We should
do this more often, everything is in such a disarray AFTER we perform! Photo by Jeff Lapierre

Bombshell Betty, Red Delicious and I in our Andy Warhol's pop art Marilyn act. Photo by Thad Gann.

This show was extra special to me for two reasons. First, I have been dying to perform Betty's chair dance choreography to Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" and I finally got the chance. I LOVE that dance. I love performing it! And second, I had loads of friends in the audience, mostly new friends I met through the blog or tangentially through last year's Girl Crush, save for two! There were ten people in my cheering section which was awesome. Six of them drove all the way into San Francisco from West Marin for the show. So nice! Most of the people in my life have seen me perform several times, so it was really great that I was able to rally a bunch of new blood for the show. Loved it. Thank you Nicky and company, Rhea and Sandra, Tony and Jan and Bridget and Bill. Most of them have their own wonderful blogs and I'd link 'em up if this wasn't a post about burlesque. You never know, you know?

I could really tell that night that I've gotten bigger this year, mostly over the summer which was not my plan. The Marilyn costume didn't fit like before and I could barely get my Mexican blanket shorts zipped. I felt so great on stage but was again mortified by most of the photos I saw. Same old same old with me.

But Oliver started preschool yesterday and Stella will be back at school next week (boo!), so I will have zero excuses not to exercise for the first time in eight years. Obviously I will let you know how that goes. ;)

Terrible iPhone selfies, but I nailed my eye makeup that night. So shiny!


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