getting organized

That was fun. Stella and I did this the other day. A little motor skill action, a little study in composition.

We've been indoors for most of the past week, whether home or at the library or cafe due to miserable S.F. weather. Enjoying every minute of it because Oliver starts preschool next Tuesday and for the first time in eight years I won't have a child by my side all day. This is causing me varying degrees of panic, then thankfulness for all the time I've had with them, then excitement for a future that might include unfettered time for exercise and earning. For the first time in years I'm also wishing I was pregnant again, but that would be terrible for all parties and I've got to sit with that feeling until it fades away. This is how the human race keeps perpetuating itself, obviously. Nutty it would hit me now after how crazy I go never having time for myself, but it makes sense. No way though.

Deep thoughts for a Wednesday. I need to get back on the donuts!

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