A self-inflicted mile long to-do list, resulting in light writing, light bathing, take-out dinners and no sleep.

Item #1: Classroom art project for upcoming elementary school silent auction
Due date: Sunday night, March 10th
Scope: The collecting, cutting, sewing, braiding and binding of children's donated t-shirts into a large basket, adorned with clay beads made by said children. 
Partner in crime: Anna Branning

Our braid is going to be a block long when it's done.

Item #2: Performance TONIGHT with Red Hots Burlesque; I would love to see you there!
Due date: Friday, March 1st
Scope: Rehearse, figure out exit center stage vs. exit stage left, pack, put on face.
Partners in crime: Dottie Lux, Bobby Barnaby, Kitty Von Quim, Pickles Kintaro, Mercy Beaucoup, Valhalla Voom

Can you find me?

Item #3: All signage for upcoming elementary school silent auction
Due date: Sunday night, March 10th
Partner in crime: Ain't no one but me.
Scope: Chalkboard-style signage for most auction and other miscellaneous items, drawn on black construction paper then affixed to giant sheets of black foam core. Will look great, if I get it done.

I'm actually excited to do this, everything else has me with scissors in hand all day. 

Item #4: Egg installation at Rare Device
Due date: Monday morning, March 11th
Partner in crime: Coffee
Scope: Eighty egg piñatas, catalogued, photographed, delivered and hung at Rare Device. Totally self-imposed scope. I'm calling this little project "oology". It will be beautiful. A peek:

I love the palette.

Item #5: Guest post for Victoria at A Subtle Revelry
Due date: Thursday, March 14th
Partner in crime: N/A
Scope: A D.I.Y. for the egg piñatas. Can't wait!

Now THAT's a piñata! A piñata cake. So pretty and round!

And then a break. I don't know if I'm running from something, toward something, or what, jamming our life full of all of these "things I need to do". I feel like I should keep going, like I'm on the cusp of something. I'm that person that is always so busy that you can't even believe it. That ain't really that cool, you know? In mid-March I'll try to force a break and see what happens.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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