round up: out like a lamb

A good use for black foam core scraps.

Life is really good right now. I am in the trenches with the kids because it's spring break, and I am loving it. We're making no dates, locking it down and getting really close again. We have all these toys and games I've been too busy to play with and now Stella is on the cusp of being too old for some of them, so this week it's tea party central. I always feel lucky for the last few years of housewifery and motherhood, but during the moments when that is all I'm doing, it feels sublime. We've got five more days before school starts again, then the downhill slide to summer vacation. Cannot wait.

It's a beautiful thing to sleep in, and when I finally wake up, find these two up in Stella's loft bed reading.

It's a hilarious thing when they both dress up as some variation of King Triton.

Oliver acting the goat, giving the dolls "Frankenstein heads" with a pot.

Our school auction was a big success. Here are David and I having some fun. I had maybe four or five glasses of fun that night. Well deserved!

Here's what we scored at the auction, a beautiful and gigantic limited edition print by my friend Anna. She hand carved this entire design into one huge piece of linoleum. You can see the process here. Isn't it amazing? They are offered in red and black. We considered red, but we own so many pieces of red art and red and orange furniture, David thought we should change it up. I love it. 

I always do a "showtime" post after I perform. Unfortunately, the photographer from my March 1st show with Red Hots Burlesque lost her camera card and there is no audience photography allowed, so this is all I have from that night. Sad face. Two years later I'm starting to get that eyeliner down at least. I'm definitely starting to miss performing regularly. 

The weather has been nicer. To wit:

What a month of 4:00 a.m. bedtimes and three big projects at once can do to your supply closet:

I am a convert to the cat nap. They have saved my hide dozens of times over the past month. That jolt you get when you're woken up after ten minutes of sleep is so powerful! Here is Oliver while I'm trying to talk him into a cap nap, too.

A few days ago we attended our last music class. We've been lucky enough to be with the same teacher for three years. I have loved the ritual of taking this class every Monday morning all this time. I'll always remember it. Saying goodbye to it has triggered memories of when Stella was much smaller and we had Monday morning swim classes WAY up the hill from here. It would take most of our day just to walk there, take the class, take care of business and walk home. I miss those times and tiny Stella. I've been in tears a few times about these two growing up over the past few days. Once your child hits four or five, there is little trace of the toddler they once were, and that is sort of a loss. 

I bought these gorgeous vintage egg cartons but cannot for the life of me figure out how to pop them open correctly. Love those graphics.

And, speaking of eggs (when am I not?), here's what my egg piñatas look like hanging at Rare Device. The amazing ceramic crows and nests on the back wall behind the tree are by artist Jo Boyer. Also along that back wall is a row of dehumidifiers, due to an unfortunate hydrant incident right outside the front door!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the crows when I got there. Earthly, realistic ceramic birds and nests hanging out with colorful birds' eggs. I like it.


  1. Convincing my kids to cat nap with me is my life long pursuit -- actually, who am I kidding, I have giving up convincing them....they ARE beautiful aren't they?

    1. Yes! I should've mentioned they are always followed up with sips of old coffee to make them super effective. :)

  2. Do enjoy your downtime.

    I felt your "growing pains" so acutely as I read. I always swore I wouldn't be a nostalgic mother and that I wouldn't mourn their growth. I don't, exactly, but I look at the long, independent limbs and listen to these little people and wonder where the pudgy babies went so quickly.

    Your eggs on display are simply sublime. You are possibly the hardest working, most talented person that I don't actually know!

    1. You really see it in the arms and legs, don't you? They still have baby faces to me, thank goodness. Thanks about the eggs and lol about the don't actually know! :) I have been taking it EEEEAAASY for the last week or so. Thought it would be hard, but turns out I'm into it! xoxo

  3. Ooo I like your sparkly shadow!! So fun meeting you at Alt!

    1. Hi Bree! Fun meeting you, too! I hope things are going well. That facebook group didn't really go anywhere, but maybe we'll find a need for it someday! :)


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