sparkly gifts for sparkly friends

Last night I saw a whole lot of my sparkly, beautiful burlesque pals at our holiday themed show (more about that soon, of course). I wanted to bring gifts to some of the ladies who mean a lot to me. I went crazy over this amazing glitter polish my friend Cindy tipped me off to last month and thought it would be perfect for my glittery gals.

I wish I could've brought a bottle for everyone in the dressing room. I have a lot of warm feelings for those ladies. This was way too small a gift for some, and like I said, I wish I could've brought something for each one of those incredibly unique people. It's so much fun to be part of that particular group of performers. One of my happy places for sure.

I used to think sparkly things were cheesy, now I hoard them like a raven. This polish is pretty amazing. If you're at all into rhinestones and things that catch the light, this is the best few bucks you'll ever spend!

 Post-performance Photobooth sparkle.

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