round up: beginning to look a lot like christmas

Don't you love this little antler headpiece? I bought it at a great holiday bazaar in the city last weekend from these folks. If they had had more in stock I would've picked up enough for a herd of baby reindeer. It's made from molded leather and it's like my favorite thing right now.

We're all up in the Christmas spirit over here. I'm officially over the hump, and really, really happy about it. East Coast packages are lovingly (and expensively) shipped. Performances are over for the year. Only a week and a half until my mother arrives and David and I have vowed that no matter what we are taking at least one hour a day for the 10+ days she is here to be together without the kids. A few dinner reservations have been made and I'm hoping for some walks and glasses of wine right up the street. Free babysitting is like gold in this town.

This week I've been making my old donut pan recipes as gifts for friends and family. Being able to just plow ahead and make them without taking photos is INCREDIBLE! Everything takes a quarter of the time or less than it did when I was shooting them. All of those recipes are so easy. My friend Sarah is actually binding many of the ideas together in little books and giving with donut pans for Christmas. So cool! I've decided to start thinking and regarding the pan project as "working on a book", because I am. I really want that to happen. There, I said it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are staying still. Oliver and I have been sick this week and I have been staying up until all hours of the morning working on this and that, and it's time to get off that treadmill and check back into our life. See you next week!

Donuts en route.

Fire starters in production where all the magic happens, on the two feet of counter to the left of the stove. 

Our place at 10:00 a.m one funky morning, a piano we found in the Panhandle.

Oliver outside of Rare Device.

The palest, most subtle little white/pink ombré piñata, also at Rare Device.

Trimming the tree last weekend.

The cow-ch is out of the bay window for the time being.

Stella's primos were here last month for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun to have them visit.

Original purpose for these pasta letters before I thought of this.

We took the girls to The Sing-a-long Sound of Music. Four hours of sheer fun, really!

My strong feelings for Christopher Plummer didn't hurt. Yadda!

Remnants from Thanksgiving still on the wall.

Ganging up on Santa. Our angels!


  1. I hear you about the free babysitting as gold in the city! I'm so right there with you! My sweetie and I are totally going to take advantage of staying at the grandparents to do some thrifting.

    I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you perform this year, but will def. see you next year! For sure!


    - Dottie

    1. Ooh, Dottie, I will hold you to that. Plan on March 1st at El Rio, that may be it for a while, and it's my very favorite act. I'll send you a note! xoxo


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