work in progress: linus and lucy

This holiday themed show is now less than two weeks away and I am getting very excited. This is probably my last big hurrah until the April shows, as I'm going to start to take on some architecture projects in the new year. I started studying and performing with Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers a year ago, and the holiday show was where I made my debut. It was a group act to the song Minnie the Moocher, and it was quite innocent. Here's a sketch of me in that act by artist Joshua Johnson

That's me with the black hair, not the Santa hat.

In this year's holiday show I am in three numbers, two with the Showgirl Chorus, and my first solo with the band. To a song they have never played nor rehearsed before. Mortifying!

I'm doing my new act to the Vince Guaraldi gem "Linus and Lucy". I'm still hemming and hawing over if I should approach it as an animal (Snoopy), or if I should just be me. I'm leaning toward just being me. I've pared down my prop and costume needs significantly, but there will definitely be a candy cane garland boa, a giant Christmas ornament, and of course this pathetic tree, which I will construct at a size too inconvenient to transport in a cab, I am sure.

Everyone knows this little tree.

Like I wrote here, this is the show where I want to come out of hiding. I'm remembering all of the different classic burlesque moves Betty has taught us over this last year and choreographing something fun and happy with them. And I'll be focused on looking out at the audience and smiling my ass off for the full three minutes (too short!) I'm on stage.

I bought these today. One pair will go on my ears.

I'm expecting a few new readers today. Please don't be alarmed! I'm a respectable wife, mother of two, architect, baker, etc. who just happened to have found a way to be comfortable in her post-partum body. A year ago I wouldn't even wear a bathing suit in front of friends. I'm so thankful for burlesque and of course the inimitable Bombshell Betty!


  1. Lucy? ;) heh. can't wait to see the show!

  2. love the disclaimer! Good luck. It sounds so fun.

  3. Have a great show, it does indeed sound fun! (Nice x-mas decorations - wonder where the other pair will go?)

  4. burlesquemama, why aren't you doing that great act from last year's holiday show? Didn't you sing? Would be great!

    Thanks, Colleen and Sonya! Hahaha, those pasties are gorgeous, aren't they? I think everyone could get away with hanging those from their Christmas tree!

  5. good for you! my sister does belly-dancing and it had a similar effect on her. I bet you husband LOVES it!!!

  6. Thanks, Ann! It has been a total joy all year! However, my husband gets the technical side of it (me up all night with the glue gun and sparkles, needing him to watch the kids so I can rehearse, seeing me in curlers all day, etc.), so burlesque isn't exactly sexy up in this piece! :)

  7. everyone remembers that act! lol. I did sing! I am taking the holidays off from performing. But I will be at the show!

  8. I'm glad you'll be there, it's one of the best shows of the year. I am expecting a VERY crowded dressing room, for sure!


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