snowy gift tags

A local chain grocery store is currently using their holiday paper shopping bags, and they are really pretty this year. I love wrapping gifts, so I got right on it when I got home from the store today, and made the tags from the snowy, pastoral printed scene on the bottom of the bags. 

Geez, I could use a manicure for Christmas.

The rest of the bag can be used for a cute top for a cute little kid. Some of the items we got for our Thanksgiving dinner came in these red striped bags below, which will also be great for wrapping. Those packages on the table in the background all look like they came from Tiffany. I wish!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I now realize that special trip I made to Office Max to buy a roll of brown kraft paper to make artsy wrapping could have been avoided. Why didn't I just use the Safeway/Whole Foods brown bags I end up with when I've forgetting my canvas bag?

    Laughing at your manicure comment. I used to be the girl at the nail salon, every two weeks without fail. Since I've moved to Maui, I rarely go and my nails are looking pretty bad. I was cleaning out old photos from my laptop and could see all these old product shots for my ebay selling, pretty & perfect nails on all of them as I held open a jacket to photograph the brand tag or modeled a ring or bracelet.

  2. really nice, I was just noticing the nice artwork on some Trader Joe shopping bags that my children were making outfits out of today - coincidence or what!!!

  3. I love these! So simple and elegant. I will be borrowing this idea this year!

  4. Thanks, all! Love when something strikes as a good idea, and can double as a good thing to write about! ;) Happy holidays!

    p.s. mauishopgirl, your manicure looks pretty nice on your profile shot!;)


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