we believe.....

.....in keeping the party going after Christmas until the tree dries up and we all are required to be elsewhere. We're on lockdown. We might get out of here on New Year's Eve, who knows? Why put all that emotion and energy into Christmas if you're not going to milk it for every last drop, if you're able to.

Repeat daily:
1. Start water for coffee
2. Yell "it's still Christmas, guys" with fists in the air
3. Plug in the tree, put on the Pandora "Christmas Radio" station and start the fire (in the fireplace)
4. Plug in the outdoor lights
5. Play! Eat! Read! Attempts to peel yourself off the floor are futile.

As a bonus, this type of holiday immersion insures easy entry into the fresh new year! I could live like we are right now forever, yet the idea of everyone going back to school and work brings the appealing promise of new productivity. Win-win!



  1. Sounds wonderful. I'm sure the kids are loving it! And you get rest as well! Everyone's happy! :) Win.

  2. Awesome! We are enjoying playing with our toys too!!! Great photos!!!

  3. I cherish days like that. Leilee has the Merry-okee too. Such a lovely noisemaker.

  4. I've been listening to Pandora's Christmas Radio, it is awesome. Less cheesy stuff...a ton of orchestra and rat pack. Perfect for the day job.

    I love the melting pot barbies in their holiday outfits!

  5. Well...it IS still Christmas - fist pumping with ya! I think enjoying every moment after keeps the magic alive. You are a good mom! And these are such cute photos!

  6. I have to tell you, almost all the toys are chosen for maximum fun for me! I did spend an hour clearing the floor a little tonight after everyone's super late bedtimes, and I'm rounding the corner on starting to want to put stuff away! But it's two more days of snuggling and then I'll get to that!

    Tania, I LOVE those holiday Barbie clothes. I LOVE Etsy (almost as much as you do)! Ten bucks for all of those! What a steal. :)


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