tagine in the dark

The lamp that usually lights our dining area, which happens to double as our food prep counter, my desk, the arts and crafts table, costuming central, etc., has been at the repair shop for a month. It is so dark in our place. We eat by candlelight out of necessity lately. Thus these super dark shots of our dinner last night.

Which was lamb tagine. Made in the crock pot, finished off at the end with prunes, olives, ground almonds and our own homemade preserved lemons, and garnished with cilantro and more preserved lemons. Oliver got into the prunes while I was getting it all together last night. It sure shows today.

It was delicious. David had trekked to Berkeley on an errand yesterday and swung by the wonderful Berkeley Bowl for some great produce and bread and cheese, which were the carrot we dangled in front of the kids so they would eat their tagine. Stella went for it. Oliver sat in his high chair for over an hour, because although he was only required to eat ONE TINY CHICK PEA in order to get bread and cheese (and dessert), he still hasn't grasped the concept of bargaining. 


  1. Bad time to look at his cause I'm hungry! Looks delicious and I'm such a fan of really good cheese.

  2. It's good to see how they enjoyed the mill. And Tiff, thanks for sharing these photos. I will try the menu for the kids this weekend.

  3. Wow that looks yummy (much too good for children - a joke we have)! & the lemons look so good - did you post about that? Who is productive here?!!! My family had dinner out of the freezer tonight: (

  4. Mouth just watered! Those lemons look so yummy!

  5. Ack, ladies! I think that's a spammer comment from "choose happiness", so beware! Thank you for your comments, I wish I could've posted the whole recipe, but I think there are better ones out there and I didn't want to lead anyone astray. It was delicious though!

    Ann, there is a link in the post (links are in red) to the day we made the preserved lemons from lemons our neighbor grew. It was really easy!


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