oh holy

You wouldn't believe how many times I've walked up and down the Panhandle this week. It's nuts. I'm tired. I am living the single mom life this week due to David's escalated work/partying schedule. Wrangling a two year old boy is so much different than a two year old girl, making it all the harder. Stella is at the age where she is enjoying being with her friends more than me when we are out, and if I put Oliver down for a second I will lose him, so nights like this one don't really turn into quality time for either child. That's really my only complaint. 

I will say, as an aside, that sometimes the nicest thing you can do for someone at the holidays is to not request the pleasure of their company! I am slicing and dicing our social calendar from today going forward. Something's gotta give, and I've got sequins to glue!

This night we are out the door an hour after returning home to go to the festivities and tree lighting at Golden Gate Park's McLaren Lodge. And after that, our local art walk. And after that, we took home a pizza and crashed. Nice night, a fun tradition, but less meaningful this year as we didn't truly share it. I hate it when kids grow up.


  1. I known how you feel, my husband has 2 jobs plus he is a musician so I do the single mom thing a lot! It can JUST seem like work sometimes especially if you are tired... Good job for making the effort!

  2. Hi Ann,

    Guess what? My husband gave me a six hour swath to myself Sunday without the kids. Do you know how I spent it? Showering and cleaning! What's wrong with me!?


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