showtime: exposing myself, elbo room, november 8, 2011

Last night was another great show with Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers. We had a lot of fun, the theme itself invited a lot of silliness! 

This was the least amount of stage time I've had since I started performing last December. I was a marathon runner in a very special type of marathon, along with the other girls of the Showgirl Chorus. Yesterday I spent the day hot glueing sequins and tassels to a track suit, athletic socks, shorts, a headband and a sports bra. Super silly! I have never spent such a short period of time, only three or four hours, putting an entire costume together like I did for this act. With me, it usually takes more like two months. See here and here, for example.

Here we are in a tassel-twirling marathon while the band played Dick Dale's "Miserlou". I'm on the far left, in between Fromagique trumpeter Patina de Copper and fellow Burlesqueteer Hazel de Ville.

When Betty told us to "sparkle-ize" our track suits, I couldn't help myself. That's my stage name on top, by the way.

So while I was watching the other performers last night, I started thinking the same thought I've been having for a while. While on the one hand I am really putting it out there when I am on stage, I feel it's time for me to stop hiding. When I am on stage by myself, I hide behind things. Even though I've done several performances that I have been extremely proud of, I have never truly revealed myself. Whether it's complicated flamenco choreography, a body cast, a narrative I'm trying to impart, or hey, these giant eggs from my solo debut last April, there's always something keeping me from completely exposing myself.

Performing burlesque gives a person like me a major rush. And this whole last year it has been such an amazing creative outlet for me. But I want to do it like some of the other girls do. Without having to show up at the venue with two bags of props, two garment bags and a makeup case. I want to go bare bones, just me and you. I don't know if I can do it. I told myself I'd do it last time, and I ended up wearing a mask at the end of my act. The exact opposite of what I wanted to do! Such a paradox, to be almost nude on stage and still feel like people can't see me! So, that's the goal for my December solo act. A simple costume, embracing the art of burlesque and seeing if I can handle the heat. Exciting!


  1. I love this! I want to see a burlesque show...and maybe even dance in one. It sounds like an awesome creative outlet. I have been enjoying your blog--found it through NaBloPoMo. I am also from the east coast and living in california--wondering if I'll ever move back...

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Once you go to a show you kind of get hooked! We are so lucky here in SF that there is such a huge scene here, with wonderful teachers like Bombshell Betty. I have met women of every size and shape and it is fantastic!

    I looked at your blog a little while ago. I like how it is varied in its content and is a slice of your life. I'll watch for you tomorrow!

  3. I would have loved to see this one!!!! Next time tell me, no matter how small a part, look at those eggs!! Those are supposed to be eggs, right?

  4. Hahahah! Beth, the eggs are from last April, my solo debut (to Nina Simone's I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl), and yes, they are eggs!

    Tuesday, December 13 is your next shot. The holiday show, and I have a solo, and there will be Hannukkah acts, too! xoxoxo

  5. It's all about what you want to show. It took me a year to want to wear a g-string. Now I always want to wear one. I am working on a fan dance now where I am in pasties and a g string.

    Perhaps you have been showing a character and not yourself? It was easier for me to peel as someone else. Now I am violet and violet is me.

  6. I like that idea of "now I am Violet and Violet is me". I'll have to think about that one. I think you're on to something with that. Thank you!


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