dead paper flowers

I thought I'd start the week off sharing some pieces I've done that are near and dear to me. I have fallen hard for making dead and dessicated paper flowers. Some with tea stained lighter paper left over from my giant dead peony piece entitled "For Shame", and some with a deep tan colored crepe paper.

To study how a flower decays is to understand where it begins to lose its structure and how it is put together in the first place. The gaps between shriveled petals tell the story of what is at the center of a flower and the mechanics of the petal's attachment. And they are so beautiful in their own right. I couldn't bear to let go of any of these little gems right now, but I would like to create many more to wear in my hair.


 twelve-year-old peony (from my wedding)

dried up rose

another shot of the wedding peony

More to come. Have a great week!


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