The bases for all my large scale pieces start like this.

I've got nada. I'm too exhausted to say much beyond happy weekend, folks. Last weekend we had a wonderful time hiking and going to the movies and such. This weekend I'm going to try to sneak "work" time in between everything that we do, using Stella being sick on our couch as an excuse. Hopefully I'll come out the other end feeling more on top of things than I do. I wanted to have ten pieces for my May 9 opening completed by the end of February, but it's looking like I'll end up with fewer than that.

I've been doing little sketches of each flower I want to make by starting a bunch of them and taking them to a point where I know what will happen next, so our house is like a garden of half-made blossoms right now. It's so fun, but I wish it wasn't all so crazy at the same time.

I am hoping to get a donut project done this weekend. That would be great. I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for reading. xoxo

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