the lucky winner

The online random number generator has done it again, and picked a winner who I think is a sweetheart in real life. Sheri Silver is the proud owner of two brand new donut pans and a little crafty gift package from me. I happen to have met Sheri at Alt Summit in January of this year and had a nice long chat with her about all sorts of things. She is the creative and quite frankly, gorgeous lady who writes Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. With a name like that, it's about time she get some donut pans! Sheri, I'll send you a note later today and get your address from you. Yay!

Here's the randomizer shot by the way, the only one I ran:

But wait, there's more! Wilton has offered to send out another set of brand new donut pans to another one of you kind folk who entered. This one I'm hand picking. I'd love to pick my friend Beth who entered on the corner blog Facebook page, but I know she already has a set of pans, so I'm choosing REBECCA GUTH who commented that she has entered all four of these pan contests and has never won. You won, Rebecca! Email me your mailing address at sfcornerblogathotmaildotcom and we'll get those sent off to you!

I spent a little time yesterday going through our master list and coming up with more clever, practical, and/or delicious donut pan ideas which I cannot wait to do. Thank you all for your enthusiasm about this project! It's really nice to know there are people out there who enjoy it like I do. It sounds like the giant candy necklaces were the favorite this time around!



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