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It's been a long time since I haven't had an iron in the fire, and right now is no exception. Before I left for Salt Lake City last month I confirmed I'd be doing a little installation at Rare Device for spring/Easter. I figured this would be the time to go for broke. I came up with the egg piƱatas last Easter and now that they've evolved a bit, I'm really excited to plaster the shop with as many as I can get done. I'm going to raise the price just a hair as I don't even make minimum wage on them (I read this yesterday about charging more), but they are a labor of love so it doesn't matter too much right now. I like having things like this to look forward to, although I do wonder if I would fall to pieces if I didn't have a pending project in my life. 

Things are returning to normal after ALL of us being sick. I don't know who hasn't been sick this winter. David and I just made some really smart life decisions that left us gutted as far as passing on a dream we've had for a long time, but we are doing so well lately that I feel like it's going to be okay, even if passing that opportunity up feels like a huge loss.

I haven't done a round up post in so long. Here's what's new (not much)!

Sweet breakfast.

When dads design valentines. That there below is the Death Star. Not bad, David, not bad. He also came up with the message on the back: "Set a course for Valentine's Day.....and DESTROY it!".

 Stella is sure most of her class isn't going to get it.

 Valentine-making morning after. UNSTAGED. No jodas.
Oliver in his last semester of music class. We've been taking this class together since he was six months old; it is my most precious childhood memory of us together. Such a great way to start the week, completely focused on your child. Look at how sweet and tiny he was in class a few years ago. Killing me.

Gift from the Salt Lake City airport, creamed honey.

I spent my birthday with the beginnings of the flu on the floor with these two.

Oliver and the Marin Headlands beyond.

He figured out the volume button. I figured out where to hide the kit.

Stella and I got away for a long walk and time together last weekend. xoxo

My side of the bed.

Here's what else is new. I'm vain. I know this very well. Right before I left for SLC I was a huge ball of nerves. That fear of the unknown combined with my dislike of planes and anxiety over my little speaking gig at the conference has me spinning. So I do not blame my hair stylist (who is also my friend) one single bit for not understanding my rambling directives that caused me to get a haircut I never intended and then compelled me to go back in get all of my hairs chopped off the next day. I'm working with this short, short hair. Some days I love it (like when it's got some kind of fascinator in it and I'm all dressed up), but some days I'm just embracing that I am just a regular old person with regular hair and I need to just wear it. 

And something else. A few weeks before I left, I got a little control on my eating. I don't know how I did it (probably the nerves). I spent a few days juicing and I felt SO good. I was still running on my usual six hours of sleep but was waking up in the morning feeling like a million bucks. I know sugar is the devil in the amounts I have been ingesting it. When I got to the conference it was wall to wall sugar, so there was some faltering, but in general I am reset! For the first time since before Oliver's birth three and a half years ago I have changed a few habits and have lost a few pounds. It's really amazing how eating well affects how I feel about myself mentally. To be for once without the guilt of poor eating makes me feel ABSOLUTELY FINE with my size. That is something I have never felt before really. It's partially the wisdom that comes with being older, but mostly it's just having cells filled with nutrients. It feels really good.

That said, I'll be eating chocolate all day today, hopefully just today. And of course the donuts. Those won't ever stop. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxoxoxo


  1. happy hearts day and you don't know me whatsoever, but those who do will tell you one thing unanimously, i am a straight no bs shooter when it comes to telling it like it is and my dear, that new haircut is fabulous on you! i wouldn't regret it for one single second if i were you.. not one! xoxo, tiffany

    1. You are too kind, my new friend with the same name. My life has been one long "waiting for my hair to grow out/waiting for my hair to be healthy". One of those things I need to put my mind to and get settled once and for all. :)

  2. I'm so happy I got to sit next to you on the plane ride home! Love the round up. Eat loads of chocolate today, I know I will.

    1. That was a great trip home. I'm so glad we met. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the unstaged Valentine making madness!

    1. Thank you, Leslie! That means a lot coming from you! xo


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