round up: what a week!

I am wiped out today! This past week has been creative, rewarding and long. Oliver's had a fever for four days in a row, and it's been rainy rainy rainy, so I've been carrying him on my back to sweat the fever and keep him safe under my umbrella everywhere we go. My first rehearsal for Tease-O-Rama was on Wednesday night, which to my surprise featured about 40 minutes of pilates! And add to all of that my 24-hour kitchen "renovation", a mid-week dinner guest, and the Rare Device opening last night. I didn't realize how much had happened this week until I started writing it all down.

On the heels of the art workshop I attended last weekend, I've been less talk, lots
more action. Stella's wish on Sunday was to build a "faery café", so we did that.

Café interior.

Faeries are attracted to gems, dontcha know?

Exterior collage, courtesy of the myriad jewelry advertisements in Vanity Fair.

I was making a big deal about these cookies online the other day, for good reason. These are Shutterbean's Bacon Oatmeal Raisin cookies, with the addition of a half a bag of chocolate chips. The entire batch was gone in twelve hours (we had a little help).

Speaking of sweets, it's hard to imagine this was us on the way home from school
just a week or two ago.

After doing all that work in the kitchen, we have room for fun stuff like this now. I have been lighting this every night, it's so beautiful. Just a rusty pan and some tea lights. I wish I would've thought of this, but I didn't. I saw it HERE in February.

This print by Lisa Congdon was in my swag bag from the art workshop last weekend,
and has found a great home above the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately the new shelving means no more giant typography calendar in the kitchen. Which is alright by me, as we got this one at SCRAP for, like, fifty cents and it's from 2011. I relabeled the days of the week, but having Tuesday in the Sunday slot of your calendar can lead to some great mix ups, like when I left for burlesque class a day early this week. I'm using a page from my used Americana cook book (also from the swag bag, more about that another time) to start hand drawing our calendars again.
I think I'll use the Creamed Chicken Livers page first.

Back at it with the cooking.

And the singing.

I'm not kidding.

 These cones from our January trip to Point Reyes Station started bursting open.

 How about color coordinated lollipops and raincoats at the doctor's office?

 Talking with dad about the very loose tooth.

 An interesting find on the way home from school.

This boy had the vapors so badly this week, he fell asleep on his own for the first time ever, under a chair, after having napped on my back for an hour. Sicky.

 And finally, something I rediscovered while ripping up the kitchen. A file full of delphinium-fangirl stuff from my botanical days. This clipping had been hanging on the wall and will go back up, but it's crazy to see how devoted I was to an inanimate object (is a plant inanimate?) back in those days.


  1. Poor boy. Hope he gets better soon. Thanks for sharing your week with us! Love the color coordinated lollipops. Victor and I always do that.

    1. Hey, LT! He's on the mend now, thank you! And, you're welcome! xoxo

  2. Busy is good, right?! Hope your little boy feels better. Love all the photos especially the ice pops!

    1. Busy is good when you don't feel busy, I think! Which is how this week was. Oliver is all better, what a strange fever with no other symptoms (besides extreme crabbiness)! I like that ice pop shot, too. I wish I had one of those right now!

  3. Yes, much sickness going around these days! Hope your guy is better soon! Love the cardboard cafe! So creative! Love all the photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Holly! We were going to finish that up this weekend but got side tracked. Oliver is using it to park his trains, for now. :)

  4. Wow, a busy week! If I showed you pics of mine, you'd be bored out of your freakin mind... I love the Don't Stop Believing sign. I'm been meaning to try Pilates too.

    And all the arts and crafts, so great.

    1. Lol.

      The Pilates came as a big surprise to me in the class, and after the second week of it last night I can understand more of what it's all about. It's very helpful. I have ABSOLUTELY NO AB STRENGTH after carrying two ten pound babies and not following up with any ab workouts, and the choreography we're doing for the synchronized swimming act is ALL legs in the air and requiring much strength in the stomach. I'm a little screwed.


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