a few ideas for halloween

 This was Stella and Oliver as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera for an actual Frida themed birthday party. Easy!

Hahaha, it's not even October yet. But I just found photos of some fun Halloween-type things we've done in years past so I thought I'd share them. From the collage below:

1. The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna
These were from Halloween 2000. My friend Mike flew in from Denver, and we did everything from dye long johns purple to sculpt the hair from rubber flip wigs. Do you love the highlights? Just like the comics! Mike even brilliantly wired two squeezable flash light controllers into the bases of two of those giant ring pops so we could just squeeze them and then activate our Wonder Twin powers. Needless to say we were a GIANT HIT!

2. Scary cake pops
I did these for a fundraiser for Stella's school a few years ago. Also a giant hit! I used Bakerella's Halloween post as my guide.

3. Watermelon brain
I saw this on the internet somewhere, wasn't my idea. It was fun to do though, and it was thoroughly disgusting. Stella is so squeamish that it kept her out of the fridge for the MONTH I KEPT IT IN THERE. The grossest part was that the rubber maggots I stuck in the creases would stick to our arms if we brushed against them. Yucky!

4. Baby in a pumpkin
Scoop out a pumpkin and stick your baby in there! I did it to Stella (at the height of newborn acne) and we ended up getting some postage stamps made of it because it was so adorable/ridiculous.

Here's a slightly more sophisticated idea. Make some egg piñatas in halloween or candy corn colors. They are sweet decorations. Just follow the tutorial for the eggs I did at Easter for A Subtle Revelry (click HERE) and adjust your crepe paper colors accordingly.

And here are four donut pan ideas from last October. I was really on point with the season last year!

What else, what else. I'm not sure what I'll be this year. I've been leaning on my Frida burlesque costume for the past few years and it's probably time to move on. I have such a hard time with costumes, believe it or not (here are some of our costumes from past Halloweens). I usually wait for inspiration but it never comes. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Ha! I loved reading/seeing these ideas. (That brain is a riot!) Except now I'm starving after seeing your donut pics, so I'm off to the kitchen for a snack. :)

  2. A Frida burlesque costume??!! I want one!! You really know how to do Halloween lady.

    1. Leslie, have you seriously not seen me talking about my Frida act over and over again on Facebook? I'm almost embarrassed about it! ;)

  3. Love, love, love the Wonder Twins costumes. My brother and I used to play Wonder Twins all the time when we were kids. I also love Stella's expression in the pumpkin: "Uh, Mom? A pumpkin?" Love it all.

    1. The Wonder Twins were pretty inspired. It was back before I had internet so we actually went all over the city looking for a comic book with an image of them on it so we could get it all right! xo


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