round up: halloweens past

We are frightfully unprepared for Halloween 2011. We haven't visited the pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins, and pieces of Stella's "Super Girl" costume are sitting in a pile waiting for me to turn them into something. I am thinking of wrapping Oliver and David in bandages (mummy and Daddy?). Me? I've dressed up as so many different things in the last ten months that I will do a last minute grab out of my costuming area depending on my mood. Looking at these photos makes me wish Stella would be Dorothy one last time, but she's fixing on moving on.

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2006
Two vampires and a monobrowed monster take a quick walk through NOPA. Nobody gets hurt.

Halloween 2007
She never left the house like this, but here's Stella as a ditzy blonde at five months old, and then again at two years old.

Eventually that year I gave in to her demands, and bought her a certain bright, red, furry costume on the condition that she wear it every year until she turned thirteen. We went with our friends Mike and Darcie, and their kids Fox and Sirena that year, and scored record amounts of candy.

Halloween 2008
The Sausalito Halloween parade.
Stella braved the haunted house at city hall without shedding a tear.

Halloween 2009
Fair Oaks in Noe Valley.
The Bearded Lady, The Strongest Baby in the World, Dorothy of Kansas, and The Carnival Barker.

Halloween 2010
Berkeley, CA
 While Oliver rehashed his Strongest Baby in the World costume, we elevated Stella's Dorothy costume to a piece of performance art. David wore an amazing Flying Monkey mask and some wings I made him from a blue tarp, and ran up to the doorsteps to snatch Stella away as I cackled "I'll get you my pretty! Grab her!", while dressed as Elphaba (the witch, of course). Here we are, rehearsing on our friends Nora and Eric's lawn.

Earlier that day we had been hunting for fairies on 24th Street and had been lucky to find two of them.

Happy Halloween!

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