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My body of (non-architectural) work.

I am currently applying for a grant and some long-shot positions where a CV is required in the submittal process. I was fairly clueless about what a CV entailed, so I did some research online and quickly realized how different a CV is from a resumé, and also how special they are. To me, a CV seems like a great opportunity to tell someone the things you really want them to know about you. It gives you a chance to customize your list of life experiences to whomever your audience might be. 

Unfortunately, in cases like mine, being an amateur in the field you are trying to break into can make writing a CV pretty difficult. For me in particular it was hard to come up with life experiences in the arts. My entire professional career up until Oliver was born was in architecture. 

To start to pull my CV together, I worked in a parallel path: one side of my brain was researching what a CV was, what to include on it and how to lay it out; the other half brainstormed any brush with professional art or craft related experiences/awards/writings, etc. and scribbled them all down on a page nearby. Over the course of two days more and more ideas kept bubbling up, Some of them ended up being too irrelevant or bull-shitty for me to use, but I was able to squeeze enough out of the list to put together my CV. 

If you do your own CV research, you'll see that I eliminated some categories I just couldn't fill and placed things out of the recommended order so that less significant stuff didn't end up at the top. I can't tell you that this is a good or successful CV (yet!), but when you've got very little to offer in the way of experience you've just gotta give whatever you've got.

I'd love to hear any CV advice (or critiques) you might have. I thought it was especially interesting and challenging when it came to web and blog-based press/exhibition type items. If an artist or craftsperson has had most of their success and attention from the global online community, how does that translate on a CV? I made up some "online" categories at the bottom, but I wonder if this could have been done better.

Oh, and FYI, here are two really helpful articles I used that helped me greatly in the physical set-up of my CV:


  1. This is great! I'll need one of these eventually too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome, Leslie! Your art is looking amazing, by the way!


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