showtime: my first performance, elbo room, december 14, 2010

Sketch at bottom right corner by Joshua Johnson, I'm shaded in gray.
(Throwback posts this week as I am too busy to make donuts or take photos of Stella and Oliver.)

These are a few fuzzy images of my very first burlesque performance, before I even had a stage name. A super chaste and cute performance to "Minnie the Moocher", played live by Fromagique with Bombshell Betty singing. I wore my brand new Stop Staring dress, from which I begrudgingly removed the label so it wouldn't show when I dropped it on the floor. We prepared for this class in Betty's Intro to Burlesque class over three weeks, and it required me to buy my first strapless bra, my first piece of shape wear (I was about 16 months postpartum, sadly I'm not in any better shape now) and my first boa. I thought that was worth the price of admission alone, that I would finally seek out these womanly things I'd never owned before. I am lucky to live just down the hill from Dollhouse Bettie where I got everything I needed. It was expensive, but I was excited.

I decided to start studying burlesque for two reasons. One, at one of Betty's shows a month or two before hand (my first ever) I was watching the acts on stage, laughing hysterically, and had one of those anxiety attacks that make you feel like I. MUST. DO. THIS. and WHERE DO I SIGN UP?! And two, I had had a health scare earlier that spring that has left me with the ongoing drive to grab life by the balls and keep looking for opportunities, and this was one of those opportunities.

I just signed up to perform in December and January. I've been on a hiatus which has been totally necessary for our already kooky schedule and on my stress levels, but I need to get back out there! I'm feeling timid and like I don't own it anymore, so I definitely need to get back up on stage to build my nerve up again.

Here's a video shot on a tiny cell phone of my first performance. It's really cute, and don't worry it's totally safe. We LOOK like we're being naughty but we are just fooling you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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