photo booth

I love the Photo Booth on my laptop. I use it almost every week. I love it because it removes a lot of the age from my face, although those dark circles always win. I love it because if I am writing on the computer and Oliver is playing near me, he will always stop and try to get his photo taken. And, I love it because you can use it to make yourself look like a character from Drawing Restraint 7 with very little effort. Oh yes, I did just drop a Matthew Barney reference. I was in design school in the late-eighties/early-nineties. He left quite an impression on all of us, whether we understood his work or not.

I just found a ton of these photos, from when we're goofing around and when I'm up late working. Some of them are from when I just want to see a decent photo of myself, because I am less photogenic than ever in real life these days (believe it). 

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! xoxo



  1. These photos are so fun and of course Barney-esque. When I was hugely pregnant with Olive, I went to the Roxie with a pillow and a box of Junior Mints and sat through his entire Cremaster cycle, immersing myself in his crazy world for an entire day. I knew I wouldn't get a chance to be that art-indulgent for a very long time, so I went all by myself! Fascinating and thought provoking.

    1. Your stock just went up even more, Rhea. That sounds like such an awesome and crazy way to spend a day. His work has stuck around in my brain for twenty years, since I first saw it installed. I've never figured any of it out. :)


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