almost three

In a little less than three weeks, Oliver will be three. I love that he's still got that baby face. It helps ease the sting of him growing up so fast. Having this fresh innocence around as I grow older is a little like a fountain of youth. I can somehow relate to women who have one child after another. My reasoning would be solely because I wouldn't want this part of my life to ever end. One day soon I'll be on the other side of early childhood and probably never want to go back to not being able to finish a sentence without interruption or go to the bathroom by myself, I'm sure. But for now, baby face. 

Me and my guy almost three years ago. Oliver's birth was a VBAC, and I lost a ton of blood, and was reanimated by a ton of saline, followed by a transfusion. I looked like a prize fighter with my eyes almost swollen shut afterwards. Rough couple of days. Totally worth it, of course.

Happy weekend, friends. I hope it's warm and balmy where you are. I can't even imagine what that's like right now, but our summer is coming soon. Can't wait. xoxo


  1. Loved this post. The pictures are beautiful, and the sentiments are too. My oldest will be three in a couple of months and you said it perfectly, about the baby face easing the pain of having him grow up so quickly. Perfect.

    Thanks for this.

    1. You are welcome, db. I feel funny complaining at all about the pain of having your kids grow up, when there are many who would like children but can't have them at all. But I wanted to get it out on the page for a family record of how I was feeling. Thank you for appreciating my sentiments. :)

  2. Adorable. (:

    Hope your summer gets there soon!


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