menu: fall make-ahead brunch


Hand-dripped coffee




Oven fried bacon

Toasted Acme pan au lavain with butter

the night before:
Pumpkin rolls

Everything but the eggs, en cocotte


the morning of:
(after running out for forgotten items, straightening up, showering, dressing three out of four people, feeding the kids a snack and vacuuming)

This silly dog salad is the first recipe I ever made, with my mother and my friend Kathleen when we were six or seven years old. It's from my "Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls", which I have used previously, with great results (see here). Stella put six of them together while Oliver tried diligently to take them apart.

You can do the eggs and the bacon both at 350°. While you are enjoying those, put the oven up to 375° and 
bake the pumpkin rolls. Convenient.

Here are our friends Jason and Abby. This morning we got to hear all the great news they had to share. Getting married very soon! Closing on a house! Successful Airbnb-ers! And lots more! Congratulations, you two!


  1. Oh wow, can I come to brunch at your house? lol
    The food looks so good, nom, nom and your photography is excellent.

  2. Thank you, Ghada! One day soon I'll get a real camera and then the sky's the limit!


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