i'm not gonna lie to you (seesaw san francisco)

Today was the last official day of summer vacation, and let me tell you I am really down in the dumps about it. The coldish weather is making it hard for me to recapture that drive we had before to drive north or south to go swimming for the day. I've been running down the "Summer Fun List" on the refrigerator and picked a few laid back things to do today.

We spent a few hours this morning at seesaw in Hayes Valley. I'm not going to lie to you, I love this place and I hate it. This was my second time here, and for all the beautiful, airy, design-minded furnishings and finishes and layout, the people working here seem totally befuddled. I can handle the seventeen-odd one-year-old babies wobbling around and crying, the dirty diaper smell next to my cup of coffee, the giant groups of newborn mommy groups that take over the main space...been there...it's actually all worth it for the kids to be able to play in such a lovely space while I read a magazine and have some breakfast. What I don't enjoy is having to walk into another room seventeen times to find out if my cafe au lait is ready. This is the kind of place that would make David's head explode. We had fun, though.

We stopped at the newly dedicated Hayes Valley Playground. They got some great new play structures there, some we couldn't even figure out what to do with!

In the afternoon we tackled something that has been on our list since early June when we visited SCRAP-SF. We started designing and building Stella's new dollhouse! We're laying it out so that it can be used with two different scales of dolls, her millions of Japanese miniature foods and short dolls, and then with Barbies as well. It's a good exercise. A countertop for a Barbie becomes a high shelf for the other dolls, a bench for Barbie becomes a countertop for the shorter dolls. I think Stella understands this concept, as she suggested our coconut shell bathtub become a potty for the larger dolls. She gets it!

Dinner came together fast after we cleared the sawdust off the counter. Heart of palm ceviche, Persian cucumbers with lime and salt, tequila and beer, and Mark Bittman's Spicy Shrimp Salad with Mint. Make sure you open the windows and doors when you sear that spicy shrimp or people will be a-coughin'. Yadda yadda yadda yadda!


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