mission relaxation imminent

Stella and I got a night away from our little shadow, our little destroyer-of-artwork-and-board-games-and-such. David sent us for the night to the Larkspur Hotel Mill Valley off of Highway 1 near Richardson Bay. We had such a lovely time. There's nothing like watching a child be thoroughly jazzed for something that you know will not disappoint her. 

The fog that evening was the thickest I have ever seen, on the Golden Gate Bridge and heading north on the 101. Like a blizzard. We made it safely to the hotel, went out searching for grub, and spent the night snuggling and watching terrible, terrible programming on a giant TV screen, eating gummi bears and drinking strawberry milk in bed. The hotel had s'mores packets and an out of control, blazing fire pit, so we got a chance to roast marshmallows again (twice in one week!). So much fun.

In the morning we swam and swam in the heated pool, cleaned ourselves (such a rarity in our house), and milked that morning for everything we could. 

Back in the city, we had a few hours left before we turned into pumpkins. We shopped for school clothes, got some Indian food, and Stella really got into the chalk art at the Lower Haight Art Walk. 

With the start of school looming just a week away, these 24 hours we spent together were so, so precious. Mommy needs to start cutting the cord, or she's going to need a lot of tissues come the 15th.


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