round up: our last two weeks

Two weeks since Stella started first grade. What've we been up to (besides making cakes, eating out, celebrating a big birthday, entertaining, and getting our dollhouse published)?

We've been walkin'.

We've been accidentally color-coordinating our outfits.

David's been fishing, cooking and grossing out the kids.

We've been reading books.

We checked out the annual foggy Alamo Square Flea Market and found a few treasures.

The weather promoted tons of snuggling.

Oliver worked on his karaoke.

We went to the library.

Stella had a play date and gave her room a good trashing.

Anna returned from France and brought Stella some chestnut spread, which quickly became a lunchbox favorite, mixed with Greek yogurt.

Speaking of dear Anna, here's Oliver as snug as a bug, napping on her.

We worked on our fitness.

Oliver fell in love with this butterfly garden (more like bumblebee garden) on Stella's school grounds. Big boy!

We visited Fantastico, as I needed some fake fruit and glittery things for my next performance, just a few weeks away. It is hard for me to resolve my anti-consumerism feelings and my fear of the "Made In China" sticker with a warehouse full of things that make my heart sizzle with ideas. Tough one.

It may be August, but Halloween and Christmas are JUMPING OFF at Fantastico right now. On the right is the gayest Christmas tree I've ever seen!

I tried to convince David that this gorgeous little outfit I got in honor of Oliver's second birthday wasn't too girlish. I think he looks even more adorable than ever in it.

We hung with Daddy.

And we bugged him while he was finishing up some work.

Oliver worked on his sharing with his pal Hunter.

And Daddy went horseback riding, both on the backside of Yosemite and in our living room.


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