the neighborhoods

One more day until the weekend, as daddy works from home on Fridays and that feels like the weekend to us. We had a bite this morning at Cafe Divis. They have Blue Bottle Coffee there and make it well. Stella eats the eggie and Oliver eats the sausage from the breakfast sandwiches. We like to sit at the bar, so Oliver can sit in my lap and destroy my outfit with sausage grease and chocolate, and we like the perspective from up there.

We've never really been clear about our neighborhood's name around here. We think we're in the Western Addition. We are at the very point where the Upper and Lower Haight neighborhoods meet. We identify very well with NOPA (North of Panhandle), although technically we are south of the Panhandle, or SOPA, if you will. We are also two blocks away from Alamo Square Park, which puts us pretty darn close to that moniker. So, let's just say when we took a walk this morning, it was maybe twenty blocks long total, but through FIVE different neighborhoods! Wow!

Love this blue terrazzo stoop:

Lovely morning, indeed.


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