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Predictably, summer up and vanished today. No sun, just massive banks of fog rolling over and through the Golden Gate Bridge. We were meeting friends at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, in Fort Baker along the shores of the bay in Sausalito, but it was slow going in the morning. There's a certain mood swing that can come with waking up to cold weather when you wanted hot.

We rallied. When we arrived, that fog was thick! Look at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can barely see it!

And looking to the west, more fog getting ready to crest the hill into Fort Baker.

We rushed inside to warm up and got started in the Curious George exhibit, which was rather zoo-ish with little ones.

After we warmed a little, we went outside to find our friends. Here's Oliver at one of the water play areas, with Stella and her pal Amelia in the distance panning and digging for hidden treasure in a broke-down pirate ship. 

Soon enough he found the trucks.

After hours and hours of outdoor play, which included all the kids sitting in a culvert pipe eating their lunch and me shivering in my boots, we headed inside for Oliver's meltdown. Can you tell he's playing and crying at the same time here?

Of course some nursing and a nap solved all that. Giddy as can be when we got home!

The photos here don't do justice at all to all the fun you can have at the Discovery Museum. If you need to have a good, long, uninterrupted chat with a grown up, just take the kids here. They keep so busy you can almost forget they exist, if just for a few hours.


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