For two weeks Stella is off at Spanish day camp at her old preschool. It could not be better timing, as I have two weeks left to choreograph and finish some very intense costuming projects for my next performance with Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers. I could not be more excited about it. It is flamenco based and I am getting to use that whole skill set I learned so many years ago. It is SO fun. 

What I don't enjoy about having something else pressing to do is the anxiety it creates. Making sure everyone is happy and taken care of and not feeling ignored while I do something I need or want to do. That is why I am thanking my lucky stars that Stella happened to be signed up for camp during this period of time. I should mention that in general I am always thanking my lucky stars.

Not that I didn't have to still take care of little Oliver! Sure I sewed and sewed and glue-gunned and sewed, and he played and played and whined-a-little and played, but we also got out with his little friend Hunter for a playdate and lunch on one very rainy day, and of course stopped into Stella's preschool when they returned from swim class each day. Oliver loves it there. It's a beautiful place. 

But mostly, I sewed! 

Oliver's base of operations this week.

Prancing around a cafe in the Richmond.

Three layers of ruffles, different lining on inside and out, pom pom fringe. And this is just the skirt. Stay tuned for more on costumes!

Yes, it was a little difficult to get him to leave after camp pick-up each day.

The "Marinaros" come back to their home base each afternoon to write in their journals about las adventuras del dia.

My little gal waiting for a train ride home.


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