a simple easter menu

Easter 2013

We had a picture-perfect Easter. It's such a calm holiday compared to others. Oliver is at the crazy-magical age of 3 1/2 where everything he says is usually made up of joy or comedy, with the vocabulary to back it up. Watching him look for eggs was really awesome. He is easily astounded and really loud about it!

I spent less than an hour in the the kitchen working on dinner this year. Twenty minutes the night before pureeing a tapenade for the lamb by hand, because I have been blender-less since December when I burned out the 18-year-old motor on mine making Mexican hot chocolate tablets. Then the rest Hasselbacking some fingerling potatoes and working on the lamb. Easter is a holiday I like to celebrate with food, for sure, and this was the easiest Easter dinner I've ever made. 

deviled eggs

lamb chops with pistachio tapenade
recipe from smitten kitchen

hasselback fingerling potatoes
adapted from this martha stewart living recipe

asparagus stalks
quickly braised (fried) in leftover pan juices (fat)

easter bunny cake
recipe here

Confession: This was supposed to be a donut post today, but I had another fail. Hasselback potatoes in the donut pan seemed like an excellent idea. Not so much!


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    1. Thank you! Your blog has an amazing list of Easter foods which I definitely will look at this year when I put together my menu! :)


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