easter bunny cakes

My mother used to make cakes like this. They stuck with me and I love making them. They were probably in the back of my mind when I made Oliver's Playsam cakes for his second birthday, as they are made the same way.

This couldn't be easier. 

  • (2) 8" cake rounds
  • (2) tubs frosting (or your own frosting); I colored half of my frosting light brown with 4 drops each blue, yellow and red food coloring
  • 14 oz. sweetened shredded coconut (toast half of it)
  • jelly beans for nose and eyes
  • card stock/chipboard for ears

I always make store-bought strawberry cake mix at Easter and many birthdays. Embarrassing!

Cut each cake round exactly in half.

Flip one half of each cake over and frost the flat bottom.

Attach the two halves back together as shown.

Now you've got two half-circles with frosting in the middle.

I lined two plates with parchment paper triangles to pull out after frosting the cakes and keep my plates pretty clean looking.

Put the cakes on the lined plates. Frost one bunny cake brown and one white.

Next, sprinkle and lightly pat the regular and toasted coconut onto the frosting. Use a light hand with the toasted coconut. It's not pliable like the regular coconut and doesn't look fluffy if you pat it into the sides too hard.

When you're done applying the coconut on the cakes, remove as much excess coconut as you can from the cakes themselves as well as the plates they are on, then gently slide the paper triangles out from underneath the cakes. Everything will look nice and clean.

Cut some nice long ears out of your card stock and chipboard. Color the middles of the ears pink if you want.

Stick the ears down into the cakes where you think ears should go.

This guy is an albino rabbit, so he got red jelly beans for eyes. 

This little guy got green eyes. Stella waited all morning to put these jelly beans on the bunnies. Sweetie.

That's it. Hardly worthy of a tutorial, they are so easy. I'm glad to pass this little idea down to Stella. I'm not letting anyone touch them until Sunday. We'll see how that goes!

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter! xoxo


  1. I sometimes use store bought cake, let's face it, they've figured it out. Ummm, these are so sweet. We'll be in Point Reyes Station this weekend and it's supposed to rain; maybe I'll pick up a mix and get my munchkins in on it. Happy Bunny Day!

    1. Happy Bunny Day to you, HBJ! Strawberry though? Totally ruins any foodie cred I had! :)

  2. I love these bunny cakes! We used to make the classic ones with two cakes, where you cut the 2nd cake into ears and a bowtie, but these are WAY cuter!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I'm trying to visualize the bowtie....you might have to draw me a diagram! xo

  3. I have to admit to a secret obsession with the strawberry cake from a box. I made these bunny cakes this year, too! So easy and so cute. Happy Easter (belated) to you and yours!

    1. Thank you, Tangled Lou, happy belated to you as well! I'm glad someone else gets it. That strawberry tastes GOOD! :)


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