the simplest dinner

(This dinner was completely inspired by our dear friend Windy)

This is all we had for dinner Sunday night, and it was perfect. There was salt and fat and smoke and wine. These are padrón peppers, and David prepares them perfectly by blistering them on a cast iron skillet with just a little oil and salt. Here is a recipe for this preparation.

A few slices of Manchego, a little bread, and a glass of red Rhone wine sealed the deal. The wine is from a wine of the month club I enrolled David in for Christmas (again, inspired by Windy). We're swimming in wine right now!

This isn't the first time we've had charred peppers for dinner. There are few things that taste better to me, in my book!

Thank you Windy!


  1. Um. Can I come over for dinner? It would only cost me about $1,000 for the round-trip airfare, taxi and overnight accommodations...It's just. So. Pretty. And. Perfect! ~ Red Dirt Kelly

  2. I would LOVE that dinner, so would my husband & my kids (at least the bread and cheese part)! Are they spicy? Love the photos too!

  3. Dang! That looks soooo good. The food and wine! Cheers to you guys, maybe I'll be inspired now too. ;-)

  4. You ladies should all come on over! The peppers are not too spicy, not that we would mind! I think the way they are cooked takes some of the heat out, although I have no scientific proof of that!

  5. I LOVE the idea of a single-ingredient meal, simply highlighted by a few other supporting characters. The way you wrote about them is so sumptuous that it tempts me to try them, but sadly I don't care for peppers (seriously, they're the *only* vegetable I don't care for - they just don't agree w. me). However, I often use the same concept using other types of veg., such as corn or tomatoes in season.

    1. Ack, Sonya! Isn't that funny, you have so many interesting veggies and such on your blog, but no peppers for you! I'm racking my brain trying to come up with a brilliant substitute for this preparation, but can't. I really did love your sardine post. We have access to white sardines fairly easily and will be making your potatoes, and apple salad, and sardines sometime soon! :)


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