not ready

I can't tell you how happy I was when we heard school didn't start again until tomorrow. We have left the house as a family three times in the last seventeen days. We are tired from too much rest, too much food and too much wine. Everyone has finished a book. We've played with all the new stuff and most of the old stuff, too. We hibernate this way every year. We were ready to rise to the challenge of the first Monday of the year today, but it turns out we didn't need to. What a relief. We'll try again in the morning. 

This morning, instead of packing a lunch we were eating tamales and playing with Fashion Plates. Sweet.


  1. For sure the school staff also feel the same way. Everyone still has the New Year hangover and I still feel this up to now.

  2. You had me at tamale...

    I love to just veg out at home on days off...the BF doesn't get it, he has to move it move it all the time. Not leaving the house for an entire (or a few) days at a time is a luxury.

  3. Those look good - yum! Love the leg-warmers I see in the corner of the photo - wicked-cool! My daughter went back this am too - boo!!!

  4. Everyone is different about that time off! When I was telling one dad at school yesterday how mellow we were, he said "did you build something", because I would've gone crazy. I totally get that, because that is me about 333 days of the year! But my husband and I are just totally on the same page about this chill time. Living in the middle of the city we are surrounded by awesome stuff to do, literally 24/7. We pride ourselves in being able to feel like we are living in the woods and it's too cold to go outside! Growing up in NH it's not like we were running out the door every weekend to go to the museum or shopping or something. We stayed in and played toys!

    Ann, it's the 4th now, and I'm finally glad they are back to school! :) Just had a nanny take Oliver to the park so I could start to find somewhere to put all the toys!


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